Blog system
Terms & Conditions

1.) The Worldwide Blog is an international blog system providing everybody the chance to express his/her thoughts freely.

2.) It is free. You will not be charged for entering any notes.

3.) The Blog system does not tolerate any discrimination based on race, gender, nationality or religion. Any harmful or insulting blog entry will be deleted by the system administrator.

4.) The Blog system welcomes new ideas and if you happen to have constructive thoughts regarding the site please feel free to contuct us anytime.

5.) Should users register on the site Unifac handles names and E-mail addresses strictly as confidential data and keep them for its own records.

6.) If you want to get a blog note deleted contact us by providing your username, e-mail address and the date and time of the blog entry. As soon as we deleted the blog entry we will send you a confirmation e-mail.

7.) If you want to unregister please contact us by providing us with your e-mail address and username. We will send you a confirmation mail as soon as we deleted your profile.

8.)We wish you much fun and entertainment by using the Worldwide Blog.
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